Our Board

Our Board
The Parkdale Food Centre’s Board of Directors is staffed entirely by volunteers. To send a request or comment to us please email us at board@parkdalefoodcentre.org.

Len Fardella, Board ChairLen
Len has been with the PFC since 2013 and was recently elected to Chairman of the Board. He is also a volunteer employment mentor with OCISO and is part of the St. Anthony Italia Daffodil Gala executive committee. He has lived in the area since 2000 and brings operational, marketing and business experience to the board. Len is the former chair of the Good Food Committee, a group of volunteers working to source and deliver nutritious foods for PFC clients, introduce healthy cooking including cooking classes as well as educate our clients about new foods and ingredients. “I was attracted by the Parkdale Food Centre’s approach that seeks to not only address the immediate needs of hunger but also provides the tools – access to healthy foods, cooking classes, education and partnerships with sister organizations to assist our clients help themselves.”

Anthony Bailey, Board Member

Since 1999 Rev. Dr. Bailey has been the Lead Minister at the Parkdale United Church. Both he and the congregation have been strong and generous supporters of the Parkdale Food Centre.

Anthony comes to the Board with rich and varied Anthony Baileyexperience having been a social worker, a part-time lecturer at two universities, a pastoral and development worker in Jamaica and Kenya, and having done freelance work in television and radio. He also serves on other not-for-profit boards. He has a strong passion for social justice, supporting and advocating for those who are poor, marginalized and vulnerable. His vibrant and active congregation hosts a supper-music-art hospitality program each year through the winter months for those experiencing various life challenges, which he started in 2001. “I feel privileged to be a Board member of the Parkdale Food Centre, as I am enthusiastically supportive of not only the innovative programs, community partnerships and initiatives, but also of the respect and dignity that characterizes the regard for and interaction with the neighbours and volunteers who experience PFC’s work.”

BrettBrett Serjeantson, Chair of the Technology Committee. 
Brett has been with the PFC since 2006 and a Board member since 2009. Brett Serjeantson is the founder and CEO of MediaMiser Ltd., a media monitoring and analysis SaaS company in Ottawa. Brett originally designed and developed MediaMiser’s patented solution. Brett is valued both for his holistic view of MediaMiser’s overall mission and vision as well as for how he employs his instincts and skills to keep all employees focused on the key goals of innovation and client satisfaction. Recently, Brett has helped lead the computerization of the PFC and is working with other board members and volunteers to help with the digitization of client information to provide accurate forecasting of client demand.

ChristineChristine Earnshaw, Co-Chair of the Good Food Committee. 
Christine has been with the Centre since 2013. She has 20 years of experience working in community and international development, with a focus on education. She is currently the chair of the Centre’s ‘Good Food Committee’, which plans and implements programs to increase clients’ cooking skills and knowledge about food. Christine believes firmly in the power of food to connect people and communities.

Don Flynn, Past ChairDonF
Don has been with the PFC since 2007 and was the Board Chair from 2010- 2016. Don has over 35 years of experience volunteering with Scouts Canada. He has experience as a leader, trainer, and various management roles. “Over the years it has become clear to me that there are people in our society who have difficulty in getting enough food to sustain them, for reasons that are varied and many. I feel that places such as the PFC can and do assist to alleviate hunger with good quality food for 3 to 4 days every month. Without these food banks and the many volunteers that support them, the lives of our clients would be the lesser for it.”

FranceFrance Cyrenne, Treasurer 

France started with the PFC in 2014. Coming from the private sector, she has over 25 years experience in business and information systems consulting. France’s experience in managing financials for concurrent projects is helping the PFC manage grant financials. She is also helping PFC to automate financial tracking and reporting.


Heather Hossie, Chair of the Grants Committee

Heather has been with the PFC since 2014. Previous to her volunteer work with PFC Heather worked at Just Food for many years, which is where she built an understanding of the food and agriculture happenings in Ottawa and area. “I was attracted to the PFC because it is looking at people, food and emergency food provisions in a holistic way – food can bring people together in beautiful ways – increasing health, reducing isolation and building communities. PFC is working to do all this and more. It is exciting to be a part of it.”

ilaryHilary McVey, Chair of the Fundraising Committee
Hilary joined the board in 2013 taking over from her mother, who was one of the Parkdale Food Centre’s founders. Hilary works in the high tech sector and brings her private sector experience in business to the Board. She remembers volunteering at the Parkdale Food Centre when it used to be in the old Parkdale Fire Station building across from Parkdale United Church. “Since the first days the Parkdale Food Centre opened their doors this cause has been special to our whole family. We are happy the PFC continues to evolve into a special place where all feel welcome. No one in our community should go hungry. Our sub-committee is raising awareness for what the Parkdale Food Centre offers and how people can help.”

LauraLaura Stuart, Member of the Good Food Committee 

Since joining in 2010 Laura has been a dedicated and active member of the PFC.  Presently working for Industry Canada as a Patent Examiner, Laura also spends one semester each year teaching Environmental Chemistry at Carleton University. “I was looking for volunteer opportunities in the community I call home.  I felt the PFC was a perfect fit given my interest in food equality and nutrition. I truly believe that education and shared knowledge are the keys to improving quality of life”.

LyndaLynda Hansen , Board Member
Lynda had the good fortune of bumping into Karen at the neighbourhood Metro store during a ‘dairy blitz’ in the Fall of 2012. She came for a tour of PFC, and has been volunteering ever since. “Karen’s boundless energy and passion for providing good food for all is inspiring!” Lynda offered her assistance, along with co-workers at KWC Architects Inc., to design the layout of the new centre at 30 Rosemount, and helped to organize the various trades and volunteers to get the space fit-up for the new shopping cart model and demonstration kitchen. “I’ve met so many interesting and wonderful neighbours and volunteers over the past two years, and feel fortunate to be a part of it.”

Sheila WhyteSheila Whyte, Board Member
Sheila is the president/owner of Thyme & Again Creative Catering and Take Home Food Shop, an innovative leader and trendsetter in Ottawa’s food and catering industry. Since the company’s start-up in 1991, Sheila and her team have created an impressive catering company housing a take-home food shop, in-house bakery, retail shop, and thriving eatery – one of Ottawa’s leading destinations for people who enjoy exceptional service and delicious food. Thyme & Again and Sheila are proud to support the PFC in their ongoing efforts to collaborate with local food initiatives that provide healthy, sustainable food. As a founding member of Savour Ottawa and Feast ON in Ottawa, Sheila has been called a “locavore pioneer” by The Washington Post. She helped create the annual “Harvest Table” community event bringing together farmers and chefs from across the city in a celebration of the harvest. Sheila continues to steer Thyme & Again towards community-minded projects and she is excited to contribute her experience to the PFC board, which she joined in 2016.