Dear Neighbours: A Request from Anne

The following is a real letter from Anne Heffernan (a volunteer at the Parkdale Food Centre) to the other residents of her condo.



 You have probably heard that Loblaws is offering eligible customers a $25 gift card after it was discovered that customers had been overcharged for bread products over the past several years.  Much of the media has been encouraging folks to donate their cards to their local food banks, if they don’t need the card themselves.  If this is something one would like to do, the process is very simple. You can fill out the form on their website by clicking here and donate your card whenever you receive it.  It’s very easy and just takes a few minuted to do.  Loblaws will mail it to you directly.  This rebate is not limited to a household but to individuals.

The Parkdale Food Centre is our neighbour at 30 Rosemount Avenue.  I am one of their volunteers.  The PFC spends close to $10,000 on groceries every month.  A significant portion of this food is purchased at the the Real Canadian Superstore.

As good neighbours, I’d like to encourage all our residents who qualify, to apply for this credit and consider donating it to the PFC.  I’m willing to co-ordinate this effort by collecting the cards.  They could be placed in the same envelope and slipped under my door.

 I believe that we really love our neighbourhood and like to support our local businesses.  I feel it is also important to support our neighbours through our volunteer efforts.  This is a very simple way to do that.

 Would it be possible to forward my email to all our residents and also post it on our notice boards?


Anne Heffernan

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