2016 Annual General Meeting

The Board of Directors for the Parkdale Food Centre is pleased to extend an invitation for your presence at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 27th April 2016 from 7.00pm at the Hintonburg Community Centre (1064 Wellington St W, Ottawa ON).

Registration will commence at 6.00 p.m., followed by the Annual General Meeting at 7.00 p.m.

Kindest regards,

Karen Secord
Manager, Parkdale Food Centre


  • 6:00pm Registration
  • 7:00pm Manager’s report and guest speakers
  • 7:45pm Business meeting
    • Acceptance of minutes from 2014 AGM
    • Presentation and acceptance of 2015 annual report and financial statements
    • Election of Directors
    • Questions to Directors
  • 8:45pm Refreshments and discussion

Please RSVP to Laura Stuart before Monday, April 25, 2016

Please complete and sign the Membership Form before the AGM
Download Membership Form(PDF)

Keynote Speaker: Marco Pagani

Born and raised in Ottawa, Marco Pagani began his career at Nortel Networks back in the mid-1980s, progressively working his way through the ranks to President of a number of Nortel business units over close to two decades with the company.

From managing more than 2,000 employees and over $1-billion in revenue, to serving as Chair and CEO of a variety of successful start-ups, Marco has enjoyed a long and illustrious high-tech career in the city.

He has also been an active contributor to the local charitable sector throughout his lifetime, and now serves as President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Ottawa. In just two short years, Marco has set and met a series of highly ambitious targets, raising both the organization’s assets and brand profile to new heights, and acting as a key player in a variety of community development and city-building initiatives that will help shape the Ottawa of the future.

Community Foundation of Ottawa Twitter:@Ottawa_Gives

Thirteen Muesli Auditions for CBC’s Dragons’ Den

13 Muesli Dragons Den audition

Dragon's Den auditions today!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! #dragonsden #dragonsdenauditions #13muesli #thirteenmuesli

A photo posted by Thirteen: A Social Enterprise (@13muesli) on

Parkdale Food Centre’s social enterprise, 13 Muesli, recently auditioned for CBC’s popular Dragons’ Den program.

“It was a big opportunity for Thirteen Muesli that we have never experienced before.”—Glodie Iragi

The thirteen high schoolers started their business last year with $2800 and were asking the Dragons for funding to help grow their business and  access the Dragons’ savvy as mentors.

Bhavana Gopinath at the Kitchissippi Times talked to 13 Muesli about their business, audition, and goals for 2016. Read the entire article at The Kitchissippi Times.

Our Giving Moment to the Parkdale Food Centre

“Corporate social responsibility”, as a term, has the look of typical business-speak, doesn’t it? But don’t let that deceive you – CSR is not just another piece of jargon from the corporate world.

For those new to the term, CSR “aims to embrace responsibility for corporate actions and to encourage a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, communities.”

And as a philosophy and a practice, it’s become a key part of the way some of the best companiesdo business.

MediaMiser has our own dedicated CSR Committee and, while we conduct initiatives throughout the year, it’s the holiday season that really brings into focus the importance of helping our community.

Marcus_and_Karen_PFCThis year, as in several years past, we’ve made the Parkdale Food Centre our charity of choice. As an organization dedicated to providing emergency food assistance to those in need, it embodies the values both of the season and of social responsibility.

Two gift baskets were donated by one of our employees, Donald Den, who couldn’t be in Ottawa for the holidays. We sold tickets to raffle them off, with all the proceeds going directly to the Centre.

And it’s turned out to be our best year yet: with an appetite for giving (and maybe for those salted caramels in the “sweet” basket), MediaMiser raised around $600.

Charity is a fundamental part of citizenship, and we’re proud to donate what we can to the Parkdale Food Centre. This holiday season, we’re making it our giving moment.

Heck, if it’s good enough for the Governor General, it’s good enough for us!


Originally posted by Marcus Kaulback at MediaMiser
Our Giving Moment to the Parkdale Food Centre