Good Food List

We hope that you will partner with us to promote a healthier diet for our Neighbours in need. Donate foods that you eat, and food you would feed your family. Whenever possible, please donate fresh, local, and seasonal food. Not sure what to donate? Use our Good Food list as your guide:

Canned Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Sardines)
Canned Legumes (Chickpeas, Kidney Beans, Black Beans, Lentils)
Canned Tomatoes & Pasta Sauce
Peanut Butter
Healthy Cereal
Oats, Flour, Barley, Rice
Dried Beans/Lentils
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Milk, Eggs, Butter
Gluten-Free Items
Tooth Paste, Tooth Brushes, Soap and Shampoo
Feminine Hygiene Products

Kindly drop off Good Food donations to Mino’Weesini our new Grocery Program at 5 Hamilton Ave North.