To keep our Neighbours safe, we will continue to accept donations from our good food list, toiletries and egg cartons. We encourage donations to be dropped off Monday to Thursday between 9AM and 4PM.

Please drop off in our donation bin outside and ring our doorbell to let us know you have dropped off items.
Currently Not Accepting: used clothing, kitchen equipment, or used open products or items past their best before date.

If You Need Food: Please Contact The Following Locations: 

If you need food

Phone us at 613-722-8019 to place an order, or fill out an order form online here to put in an order for you and your family.

There are two options to receive your food:

  1. curbside delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons,  or,
  2. scheduled pick-up in your own vehicle  on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons

*your order will be packed in boxes and due to the quantity of food, you must have a vehicle, and a confirmed pick-up time with us, in order to pick-up at this time. Please arrive only at your scheduled time and ring the doorbell.

Out of catchment note:

In order to access our food bank from out of our catchment instead of the food bank in your area, you must provide a referral from a doctor, social worker, or other health practitioner BEFORE you place an order.   Included in this letter, we require a note or a confirmation that you have visited your food bank and that it is not accessible or appropriate for your needs. We understand that there are many reasons why this may be the case: for example, diet, accessibility, hours of operation, or the quality/quantity of food available.  You or your doctor/social worker can email your referral directly to 


If you don’t know the Food bank or Community Food Program in you area, you can search with your address using the Ottawa Foodbank website:: or call the Ottawa Foodbank: 613-745-7001