PFC Statement on Anti-Black Racism

Parkdale Food Centre stands in solidarity with Black communities, across both Canada and the United States, who are experiencing the devastation caused by police brutality and anti-Black racism.

From the fear of violent, or even deadly, interactions with the police to the economic impacts of housing and employment discrimination, anti-Black racism can have a profoundly negative impact on a Black person’s life. A research collaboration between Foodshare and the PROOF Food insecurity Policy Research group shows that Black households in Canada are 3.56 times more likely to be food insecure.

As a Centre dedicated to challenging inequalities, we ask our community of neighbours, volunteers, donors, partners and supporters to engage those around you in a conversation about the past week’s events. When you encounter anti-Black racism (whether it is a comment from a family member or a message on social media) please, speak up.

Parkdale Food Centre has been built on inclusion, kindness and providing a safe place for all. We leave you with an article from the Broadbent Institute to reflect on the disproportionate number of Black and racialized Canadians who identify as food insecure, as a result of enduring racialized income inequality.

Deb (Deborah) Abbott, Chair Board of Directors

Karen Secord, Executive Director

Download this statement.

Download our statement on the urban boundary extension.