Food Assistance
Anyone who needs food and lives in the area from Bayswater Ave to Island Park Drive (East to West) and Carling Avenue to the Ottawa River (North to South) can visit the Parkdale Food Centre once each month for emergency food assistance.

We provide 3-5 days worth of emergency food per month. Each food order will contain: frozen meat or canned meat, baked beans or canned vegetables, eggs, soup, pasta and sauce, potatoes or rice, liquid milk, cereal, peanut butter, margarine, bread, fresh fruits and vegetables and other food items as they are available. Extras such as toiletries, laundry soap and pet food will be included whenever possible when they are available.

Visit the If You Need Food page for more information about requirements and what you should bring with you.

Cooking Workshops
Our weekly cooking workshops pair together a group of neighbors with a local Chef eager to share their skills and talents. Everyone works together to prepare the recipes and then we all sit down to enjoy a communal meal with what they have prepared. This program is open to everyone, regardless of where they live or their current economic status. However, we ask that those who would like to participate, that they arrive by 11:15 am.

The cooking workshops are offered every Wednesday from 11 am to 1pm. We ask everyone who attends to participate in some way.

At the class in the middle of the month, each new participant leaves with a crock-pot of their own, so that they have a chance to apply what they’ve learned and to give them a chance to cook on their own when they may not have access to a space to prepare food themselves. The goal of this workshop is to encourage the development of cooking skills and make it part of their routine. To learn more about these workshops, read the full program description. For specific dates regarding the crock pot cooking classes, please refer to our calendar.