Thirteen Muesli Auditions for CBC’s Dragons’ Den

13 Muesli Dragons Den audition

Dragon's Den auditions today!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! #dragonsden #dragonsdenauditions #13muesli #thirteenmuesli

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Parkdale Food Centre’s social enterprise, 13 Muesli, recently auditioned for CBC’s popular Dragons’ Den program.

“It was a big opportunity for Thirteen Muesli that we have never experienced before.”—Glodie Iragi

The thirteen high schoolers started their business last year with $2800 and were asking the Dragons for funding to help grow their business and  access the Dragons’ savvy as mentors.

Bhavana Gopinath at the Kitchissippi Times talked to 13 Muesli about their business, audition, and goals for 2016. Read the entire article at The Kitchissippi Times.