About Us


Vision: At the Parkdale Food Centre, we believe in an Ottawa where everyone has the means and opportunity to live a healthy, connected, and fulfilling life.

Mission: To build healthier, more connected neighbours and neighbourhoods through good food, innovative community partnerships, and by challenging inequalities in order to create lasting impacts.


  1. Nutritious, wholesome food is a basic human right, and is fundamental to building positive physical, mental, and emotional health.
  2. Everyone, regardless of their economic means, age, gender, abilities, or ethnicity, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  3. A physically and emotionally safe environment is key to building strong communities.
  4. Positive social change happens one person at a time.
  5. Partnerships create strong communities.
  6. It is our responsibility to challenge inequalities and raise awareness.
  7. Creativity and innovation are to be encouraged and embraced.
  8. Engaged staff and volunteers are vital to our success
  9. Being a leader, and encouraging leadership in others, will create momentum and growth.

We are a registered not-for profit charity staffed by a small team of dedicated staff who are supported by a large base of energetic volunteers and a network of community partners who share our vision of building healthier, more connected communities through good food and friendship.

The Board of Directors of the Parkdale Food Centre is composed entirely of volunteers.
Learn more about our Board.

The Parkdale Food Centre is very grateful to the many organizations and individuals who support us with food donations and financial contributions.


Hey Neighbours, we’re back!  Come visit us for our weekly happenings at the Hintonburg Community Centre: 

1064 Wellington St. West (back door)

Wednesdays from 9-10am: Coffee and light breakfast

Fridays from 1-2pm: Takeaway meals &  fresh produce market

Please wear a mask & practice social distancing!

If you need food

Phone us at 613-722-8019 to place an order, or fill out an order form online here to put in an order for you and your family.

There are two options to receive your food:

  1. curbside delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons,  or,
  2. scheduled pick-up in your own vehicle  on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:00pm*

*your order will be packed in boxes and due to the quantity of food, you must have a vehicle, and a confirmed pick-up time with us, in order to pick-up at this time. Please arrive only at your scheduled time, remain in your vehicle and call 613-729-0980

Out of catchment note:

In order to access our food bank from out of our catchment instead of the food bank in your area, you must provide a referral from a doctor, social worker, or other health practitioner BEFORE you place an order.   Included in this letter, we require a note or a confirmation that you have visited your food bank and that it is not accessible or appropriate for your needs. We understand that there are many reasons why this may be the case: for example, diet, accessibility, hours of operation, or the quality/quantity of food available.  You or your doctor/social worker can email your referral directly to socialprescriptions@parkdalefoodcentre.org 


If you don’t know the Food bank or Community Food Program in you area, you can search with your address using the Ottawa Foodbank website:: https://www.ottawafoodbank.ca/get-help/ or call the Ottawa Foodbank: 613-745-7001




Your sharing has an enormous impact on our programs and the support the Parkdale Food Centre is able to lend.

Donations over $20 will receive a tax donation.

Our Charitable Registration Number is: 889365003 RR 0001

Donate funds:

Donate food: Whenever possible please donate fresh, local, and seasonal items. For suggestions on what to give, please refer to our Good Food list.

Food Drives: If you would like to organize a food drive, please contact Meredith Kerr at meredith@parkdalefoodcentre.org or 613-696-5849

Fundraisers: If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser for us, please contact Meredith Kerr at fundraising@parkdalefoodcentre.org or 613-696-5849

Contact Us

Like many of you, many of us are working from home right now, so it may be a bit trickier to reach us. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

These days, email is the easiest way to reach any one of us directly. 

To place food bank order or talk to the kitchen: 613-722-8019

To reach our programs voicemail: 613-729-0980

To talk to us about donating or fundraising call Meredith at 613-696-5849 or email meredith@parkdalefoodcentre.org

To talk to us about volunteering or the food bank call Heather at 705-712-3281 or email heather@parkdalefoodcentre.org

To talk to us about school programs through Growing Futures call Karin at 613-696-5926 or email Karin at growingfutures@parkdalefoodcentre.org

To reach Thirteen: A Social Enterprise email meagan@parkdalefoodcentre.org

To reach the Ottawa Community Food Partnership email erica@parkdalefoodcentre.org or for Cooking for a Cause, email  Megan at cookingforacause@parkdalefoodcentre.org

To reach our Executive Director, call Karen at 613-304-0878 or email karen@parkdalefoodcentre.org

To reach the kitchen email simon@parkdalefoodcentre.org or to inquire about cooking workshops email anna@parkdalefoodcentre.org

For other inquiries call Alissa at 613-690-6230 or email alissa@parkdalefoodcentre.org

Our Mailing Address is :
Parkdale Food Centre
2-30 Rosemount Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1P4


Major Supporters