PFC Statement on Anti-Black Racism

Parkdale Food Centre stands in solidarity with Black communities, across both Canada and the United States, who are experiencing the devastation caused by police brutality and anti-Black racism.

From the fear of violent, or even deadly, interactions with the police to the economic impacts of housing and employment discrimination, anti-Black racism can have a profoundly negative impact on a Black person’s life. A research collaboration between Foodshare and the PROOF Food insecurity Policy Research group shows that Black households in Canada are 3.56 times more likely to be food insecure.

As a Centre dedicated to challenging inequalities, we ask our community of neighbours, volunteers, donors, partners and supporters to engage those around you in a conversation about the past week’s events. When you encounter anti-Black racism (whether it is a comment from a family member or a message on social media) please, speak up.

Parkdale Food Centre has been built on inclusion, kindness and providing a safe place for all. We leave you with an article from the Broadbent Institute to reflect on the disproportionate number of Black and racialized Canadians who identify as food insecure, as a result of enduring racialized income inequality.

Deb (Deborah) Abbott, Chair Board of Directors

Karen Secord, Executive Director

Download this statement.

Download our statement on the urban boundary extension.


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  1. curbside delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons,  or,
  2. scheduled pick-up in your own vehicle  on Tuesdays evenings, 5:30- 7:30pm*

*your order will be packed in boxes and due to the quantity of food, you must have a vehicle, and a confirmed pick-up time with us, in order to pick-up at this time.

Out of catchment note:

In order to access our food bank from out of our catchment instead of the food bank in your area, you must provide a referral from a doctor, social worker, or other health practitioner. Please call us for more information, or to find the food bank in your area click here.

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Parkdale Food Centre Presents…At Home with Anna!

We are now hosting a series of online cooking workshops for our neighbours, led by our very own Chef Anna! Participants will follow along at home, while watching the live demonstrations. Participants will be able to interact and type in their questions or comments throughout the workshop. All ingredients will be provided to participants, prior to the workshop.  This is a great way to connect with our neighbours and bring some healthy food inspiration and some connection into their homes!


Once a week on Thursdays from 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM with Zoom. All ingredients will be delivered, or can be picked up on Wednesday afternoons, along with a recipe.

Participants will need to fill out a Google Form in order to register, no later than the Tuesday of the event.



The workshops are designed to reach as many neighbours as is manageable (about 30). Our aim is to make the workshops as accessible as possible to anyone who is interested, regardless of skill level and ability.

About Chef Anna:

Anna is a trained chef and is currently working as a Kitchen Co-ordinator at Parkdale Food Centre. She is highly experienced in teaching cooking classes- both in-person and online, to a broad range of students, such as: children in public schools, private classes, college students, high school students and professionals. 


Assistance for access to a computer and internet can be provided through PFC upon request. Should the participants need access to a computer, email or
the internet,  please reach out to Anna personally and she will make the required arrangements.

Neighbours should test their zoom platform ahead of time to ensure their device has the required updates and software.

Participants will require some basic kitchen access and equipment (such as: sink, stove, oven, cutting board, small knife, small sauce pot and lid or saran, colander, spoons, dish soap, mixing bowl, baking sheet and hand towels). If these items are not available, please advise and we will provide them.

For further inquires, email Anna:

Please note: Update to services due to Covid-19

The health and well-being of our neighbours, volunteers, community partners and employees are, and have always been, our top priorities. Note the following changes/updates:

All in-person cooking workshops, drop-in times and community meals, including lunches, are cancelled.

Meals: As we will no longer be offering community meals, you may add prepared meals to your food bank order, or call us for more details.


If you want to help


We need you! Parkdale Food Centre has always responded to acute needs in our City with a full heart, and we are only able to do so because of your incredible support. 

We recognize that COVID 19 and its implications, including potential self-isolation and school closures, affect low-income and vulnerable individuals and families most. Many cannot afford to stock their pantries for a potential quarantine; many face unpaid leave in the event of a prolonged absence from work; children in need will be without important free meals otherwise available through school breakfast programs; and for those with mental health challenges or inadequate housing, self-isolation can have debilitating consequences. As always we will be doing our best to respond to each and every need based on the resources we have available. We appreciate your support during this complex and evolving time.

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