Help your neighbours through the Parkdale Food Centre this holiday season


As the holiday season and the end of the year approaches, we’re often asked about ways people can help our neighbours. So, we thought we would put together a couple of suggestions for those looking for ideas. Donations make an enormous difference to our programs and the support that we are able to offer the more than 700 people we help each month.

Make a Financial Donation
Financial donations are a great way to support the work that we do, and allow us to direct funds to the areas where they are most needed, or to specific programs (based on a donor’s request).

You can make a financial donation in a couple of ways:

  • Donate online through Canada Helps
  • Visit us to drop off a donation in person
  • Donate by mail by sending cheques to:

Parkdale Food Centre
2-30 Rosemount Ave
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1P4

Donate through the Reverse Food Truck
Our online Reverse Food Truck provides a variety of options for sponsorship and donations, from sponsoring a neighbour for a set period of time, giving a one time donation of the things we’re most in need of, supporting a specific program, or even a recurring donation. Donate online through the Reverse Food Truck today >>

Donate in person
We’re always happy to welcome visitors to the Centre, and happily accept donations of non-perishable food, preferably items from our Good Food List, or even fresh produce. We also post weekly updates about our most needed supplies on twitter, facebook, and instagram, so you can find out what is running low, or is in the most demand as our #PFCMostNeeded.

Contribute to our annual Soup & Socks campaign
Each year, we collect canned soup, warm socks for men, women, and children, and little extras like coffee, hot chocolate, hats, mittens, and Giant Tiger gift cards to distribute to our neighbours throughout December. Socks, soup and additions can be dropped off at the Centre during our regular operating hours.

Gift a Christmas Basket
Each year, we pair individuals or families in our community with individuals or families in need to give customized Christmas baskets – complete with small gifts and all of the fixings for Christmas Dinner. Interested in participating in our Christmas Basket program? Contact Karen by email to let her know you’re interested.

Give your time
Another way to give is to get involved as a volunteer. Our volunteers help with everything from stocking shelves, leading workshops, the collective kitchen, and even running our website. Do you have some time or skills to lend? Learn more about how to get involved on our Volunteers page.

2 Replies to “Help your neighbours through the Parkdale Food Centre this holiday season”

  1. Are you doing the crock pots again ? I remember last year donating $ so my neighbors could learn how to cook then do it at home with a new crock pot.

    1. Hi Jo,

      We always love to receive donations of new crockpots for our neighbours. You are welcome to purchase and drop off a crockpot at the centre, or you can also donate a crockpot online through our Reverse Food Truck online. Thanks for your interest!

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