Youth Programs

Our youth programming builds on collective values and aims to instill confidence in our youth to become advocates in their communities. Join us on this journey filled with fun, growth, and the chance to create a future you want to live in.

Thirteen: A Social Enterprise

Thirteen: A Social Enterprise (13:ASE) is an entrepreneurial program of the Parkdale Food Centre. We work with young people who are looking for job opportunities and skills development.

13:ASE is a collaborative and supportive environment. Participants are involved in in every aspect of business decisions and development. This program is designed to help participants develop strong emotional and social skills, boosting their confidence for a brighter future.

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Growing Futures

Our Growing Futures program is here to help young people become Solutionaries—people who find opportunities in challenges and help their communities.

Through dynamic and COVID-safe 1-hour workshops, both virtual and in our outdoor garden space, we empower youth of all ages to develop their skills as Solutionaries. These workshops combine big conversations with hands-on food skill development. The best part? The topics can be customized to match the interests of the youth you’re working with.

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