Inspired by neighbourhood generosity


Over the March break, I collected food for the Parkdale Food Centre. I collected it because my teacher was having a draw to go to “National We Day” in Ottawa. To get your name put in, you had to do two or more acts of community service. So, I went door to door around my neighbourhood collecting food.  My neighbours were extremely generous. I also made applesauce muffins for the food centre, and I helped at my school’s Bookfest.

After I collected the food, I dropped it off at the Parkdale Food Centre. When I dropped off the food someone gave me a tour of the centre. It was amazing, they had a big kitchen for cooking meals, and I got to see how the system works, what kind of food the clients got, where they store all of food, and how they help people. Finally at the end of the tour they talked to me about why the food centre is important, like some people need to use all their money to pay their electricity bill so they can’t afford food. Then Karen the manager gave me a hug. 🙂

The entire experience made me want to help people.

– Poppy, Grade 6

Thanks Poppy, for this guest post on our blog, and for visiting us at the PFC. Your generosity (and the generosity of your neighbours) means a lot to our neighbours, too!

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  1. You are a thoughtful and kind girl, Poppy. I’m sure so many people benefited from your generous act. Keep it up!

  2. Excellent work (and fun) Poppy, also at your young age it’s good to know about these needs in our communities.

  3. Hi Poppy, I really enjoyed reading your article – and I love the picture of you and Disa as well. I think you are a natural leader and that you will continue to inspire your friends and family to do more stuff for ‘we’ than just ‘me’!! Love Tagget
    Love you!!!

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