PFC 2014 Facts : By the Numbers

As a way to summarize 2014, we wanted to share some facts with you all. It’s been a busy year for us with many changes, and we’re optimistic that in 2015 we can continue to find more ways to help our neighbours.

20 the number of recurring monthly donors we are lucky to have. We appreciate each one of them that give between $10 and $200 each month. We started 2014 with 3 so we are really proud of that increase!


the average number of visits per month. We anticipate helping 8600 by the end of 2014. That’s a lot of eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, fruit, vegetables and meat!


items purchased since launching our Online Reverse Food truck!! People love being able to choose the exact items they want to donate! Have you seen it yet?


the number of cooking workshops held in 2014 with and average of 15 people each session. This means we had more than 450 people engaged in learning to cook! The area’s best chefs come by and volunteer to cook side by side with our neighbours. After everyone’s hard work, all sit down communally to eat. Then our neighbours go home with the ingredients to the recipe to replicate it at home. People are rediscovering a love of cooking!


the number of events held by or for us during 2014! We are still finding people who don’t know about us! Our role model is always Mayor Jim Watson, who probably does that many events in just a week, but for us we are proud we’ve popped up so many different places to raise awareness to hunger and the need in our little neighbourhood.


the % increase in paid part-time staff. Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation we now have 2!!


the number of visits from children this year


the number of PFC Patrons on our soon to be unveiled Donor Wall. All have given us tremendous support! It truly takes a village and our patrons allow us to launch new programs, support our goals,and reach more neighbours. We couldn’t run our operations without them.


the number of editions of our newsletter, The Fresh Press that have come out this year. Have you signed up yet? Our next edition comes out in January – don’t miss it! You can sign up to the right of this post.


the number of moves during the year to a new location! We are truly feeling like 30 Rosemount is a perfect fit for us. Come and visit us so you can see the good work and good spirits in action. We’d be happy to give you a tour.

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