Our 2015 Summer BBQ & Street Party

We could not have asked for anything better. Great weather, food, all our neighbours and music came together to make this year’s Parkdale Food Centre BBQ and now, street party a success.

A team of volunteers worked tirelessly for  three days to prepare 900 burgers, 100 hot dogs, 20kg of pulled pork, halal chicken, 6 dozen sausages, many bowls of salads and endless plates of condiments. Early in the morning on the day of the BBQ, the team was back again in the kitchen putting everything in order.

IMG_20150715_103644 IMG_20150715_103707 IMG_20150715_104157 IMG_20150715_104218

And then there was the team on the street. Tables, chairs, tents and signs all needed to be found and set up for the party. Luckily, we had lots of help that day from our volunteers, neighbours and a few last minute volunteers who were very good at printing.

IMG_5588 IMG_5577 IMG_5571 IMG_5590

If there’s a microphone and a crowd, you know Karen will be there in a flash! At 11am sharp, Karen declared the party on and soon the smell of burgers on the grill, music and children’s laughter filled the street.

IMG_5623 IMG_5606 IMG_5649 IMG_5604


And our neighbours had a great time. There was  a balloon lady who was very popular. Hoola hoops. Music and of course, just time to sit down, chat and enjoy the day.

IMG_5655 IMG_5660 IMG_5686 IMG_5694

Of course, with a BBQ you need a burgers, BBQ and  grill chefs. Our Chair along with, Ben Jolliffe from the Resurrection Church whose congregation sponsored all the condiments and salads and Tom from Hintonburger who’s been at every BBQ event we’ve had stepped in to grill up the burgers. By all accounts, given how few burgers and sausages were left, they did a fantastic job. All the meat was purchased thanks to a very generous donation from PSAC.  And to go with those burgers were pulled pork, salads and condiments.

IMG_5734Don IMG_5806 IMG_5932 IMG_5771 IMG_5768 IMG_5766IMG_5769IMG_5774

We had lots of visitors that day including our neighbours, people just new to area, some very young visitors, local police, the construction workers, the postal woman and whoever else was attracted by the laughter and smells. We estimate that we had 500 people visit us that day.

IMG_5876 IMG_5836 IMG_5832 IMG_5831 IMG_5869 IMG_5935

Of course, a Parkdale Food Centre BBQ wouldn’t be complete without ice cream and Marlene Haley from the Merry Dairy stepped up with free ice cream which was an instant hit. I’m pretty sure we emptied their ice cream truck in record time. Marlene is another long time support who’s been at every BBQ event we’ve had.

IMG_5918 IMG_5896 IMG_5880 IMG_5948

And to finish the day in style, the Cake Shop provided a beach-themed cake that went so well with the hot day and fun.

IMG_5920 IMG_5819

Then the dancing started. And we all know that Karen cannot resist an open mike or a dance floor. And she soon had lots of company.

IMG_5930 IMG_5907 IMG_5903 IMG_5901

And that was our 2015 BBQ and Street Party, the first one at our new location and a tradition that we plan to continue for a long time.

IMG_5827 IMG_5859 IMG_5858 IMG_5748Karen IMG_5713 IMG_5810

(Photos by Nancy Mooney, you can find her on Twitter @NancyfromCanada)


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