What Public Relations Students learned at the Parkdale Food Centre


Our journey with the Parkdale Food Centre started in late September 2016. Myself and six of my amazing Algonquin College public relations (ACPR) colleagues were put to the test to find a local charity who we would be representing for the purpose of our term-long charity pitch assignment.

While choosing a charity to represent may seem like no easy feat, we as a team were set on working alongside an organization that continually strives for a better future with less poverty, hunger, and illness in our communities. We all firmly believe in and value the importance of food but even more, we understand healthy food as being an essential part to living free of significant stress and sickness. Food is a powerful common denominator that unites us all as people. What is fascinating (and unfortunate) about this, is that despite the fact that food is a very basic necessity to us all, not everyone is fortunate enough to have consistent access to nutritional food. So, our group quickly reached out to Parkdale, a charity who we felt understood this struggle more than most.


Parkdale is about more than just food. While providing healthy food to neighbours in need is certainly the foundation of this charity, they are about so much more. Under one roof, Parkdale combines a warm and inviting sense of community and support for all neighbours in need. They work each day to provide skills that educate and empower their neighbours to be able to provide fresh and wholesome meals for themselves and their families. They continuously strive to create and maintain this community, encouraging everyone to work together to create nutritious meals that can be shared and enjoyed amongst neighbours from all walks of life.


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