BUILDING healthier, more connected neighbourhoods through good food, innovative community partnerships, and by challenging inequalities in order to create lasting impacts.

Nutritious Food Is A Human Right

By The Numbers

Meals Distributed
Youth in Thirteen Program
Pounds of Good Food Rescued
Meals Distributed Through OCFP
No-Cost Fresh Food Markets
Youth “Solutionaries” Via Growing Futures


We believe in an Ottawa where everyone has the means and opportunity to live a healthy, connected and fulfilling life.

Low-barrier access to nutritious food 

Culturally appropriate and safe food access


Empowering choice by meeting people where they are at

Charity, Find food, Ottawa Food Bank

We build and deliver programs that inspire, equip and empower our Community to work towards justice and wellbeing for all.

Sitting at the Table - A Human Right to Food

Hear stories from Neighbours about food security. Use this as an advocacy tool, and share it with your network. #SparkAConversation

  1. Nutritious food is a human right: